25 Athena Instagram Captions That Are Divine

athena instagram captions

Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, battle tactics, reason and intelligence. She is also the protector of Athens, where she is known as a symbol of power and strength.

She was born from the head of the legendary god, Zeus. Athena’s shield has been described as “that which takes the brunt of the blow”. Check out our list of Athena Instagram captions that are encouraging.

Athena Instagram Captions

  1. Athena, patroness of war and protector of cities.
  2. Protectress of Athens, forever helping others and advancing civilization.
  3. The protectress of Athens, the first woman to wear armor.
  4. The protector of Athens
  5. Athena, protector of all that is beautiful, brave and kind.
  6. Athena, guardian of Athens.
  7. The goddess of wisdom, war and strategy.
  8. What would our city look like without you?
  9. A natural-born protector: Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and War
  10. Athena, the divine protector of Athens. She is said to have protected Greece from the barbarian invasions.
  11. Protectress of Athens, patroness of wisdom, warrior queen and goddess of civilization.
  12. Protectress of Athens, patroness of the arts, defender and guardian of law, wisdom and justice.
  13. Protectress of Athens, bring balance and strength to my life.
  14. Athena saved Athens from the plague. She was the protector of the city and was much loved by the people.
  15. She was a hero.
  16. Guardians of the city and protector of Athens
  17. Born with a shield and a spear, she lived to protect her city.
  18. She’s a protector of humanity.
  19. She’s the original b@d@$$.
  20. We are all part of Athena’s divine wisdom.
  21. The protectress of Athens stands on the Acropolis, protecting her city from those who wish to take it from her.
  22. You know that feeling when you’re in a grocery store and the checker calls out your name? That’s what it feels like when you look at Athena.
  23. Gotta protect what you love.
  24. Protectress of Athens, protector of her city.
  25. The goddess of war and wisdom.

Final Words:

Athena is the goddess of wisdom, war and justice. She never lost a battle, nor broke her stride. She was so beautiful, wise and strong that she made even the gods afraid of her.

She was known as the protectress of Athens and patroness of the city’s navy.

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