What is Spiritual Awakening?-Stages And Significance

what is spiritual awakening

What is Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening is the moment that we realize our true nature. We are not this body, mind, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, or any other thing that we identify ourselves with. We are Spirit. This realization can happen at any time, but usually happens when we are going through some sort of transformation.

When we awaken spiritually, we become aware of who we really are. We no longer live in fear, anger, jealousy, greed, hate, etc. We begin to understand the purpose of life and how to live it. We learn to love ourselves and others without judgment. We stop trying to control everything around us and instead, let go and surrender to the flow of life.

In order to have a spiritual awakening, we need to first recognize what we believe about ourselves. What do we think about ourselves? Do we feel good about ourselves? If not, then we need to change those beliefs. Once we start thinking positively about ourselves, we will start feeling better about ourselves. Then we can start changing the things that we don’t like about ourselves.

As we continue to change our beliefs and feelings about ourselves, we will eventually start seeing the world differently. We will start noticing the beauty in everything around us. We will start loving people unconditionally. We will start forgiving everyone and everything. We will start letting go of the past and moving forward into the future.

Finally, we will start experiencing peace, happiness, and joy. These are the fruits of a spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

There are several symptoms that indicate someone has experienced a spiritual awakening.

1. A Sense of Peace and Calmness

This is a great sign that your spiritual awakening has begun. You may feel like you are floating above your body, or even outside of it. This feeling can be overwhelming at first, but if you let yourself go with it, you will find that this sensation brings you closer to God.

2. An Increased Awareness of Your Body

You may notice that you have become much more aware of your physical self. You may start to realize how your body works, and what it needs to function properly. You may begin to understand the importance of eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and taking time out from work to relax.

3. A New Understanding of Life

You may feel like you have gained a greater understanding of life. You may feel like everything around you makes sense now. You may feel like nothing matters anymore, and that you don’t need anything. But this is not true. You still need food, water, shelter, and love.

4. A deep sense of purpose

You may find yourself wondering what you were put here on Earth to do. You may start to question if this is really the only thing that matters. You may begin to realize that there is much more to life than just making money and having fun.

5. An increased awareness of the world around you

As you become spiritually awakened, you will notice that things you never noticed before will now catch your attention. You may start to notice people who seem sad or depressed and wonder why they don’t smile anymore. You may start to look at the world differently and appreciate everything that you take for granted.

6. A desire to help others

A desire to help others is not just a spiritual awakening symptom but also a physical symptom. When we are spiritually awakened, our body becomes sensitive to the needs of others. This sensitivity can manifest as compassion fatigue, where we feel drained from helping people who need us.

A desire to help other people is a sign that your soul has been awakened. Your soul is like a light bulb; it shines brighter when it is connected to the energy of God. You become more aware of the world around you when you connect to the Divine.

7. A desire to make positive changes in the world

When we experience something that makes us feel like we want to make positive change, we often call it “spiritual awakening.” This awakening usually comes from a feeling of deep appreciation for life, and a desire to live a happier life. People who experience this type of awakening tend to seek out ways to help others, and they may even choose to dedicate themselves to helping others. They may also start to question the way things are being run, and they may even consider changing the system altogether.

Spiritual Awakening Stages

There are 4 major stages of spirituality

  • Initiation
  • Illumination
  • Integration
  • Enlightenment

To learn more about spiritual awakening stages click here.

In conclusion, spiritual awakening is a state of mind that allows us to transcend our limited perception of reality and become conscious of our true nature.

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